VanEck brings Bitcoin ETN to Deutsche Börse – Where is the ETF?

US Asset Manager VanEck today announced the listing of a Bitcoin ETN on the German stock exchange Xetra. Institutional investors can now invest in Bitcoin even more easily.

Asset manager VanEck manages a total of around USD 65 billion, including ETFs, investment funds and institutional mandates. We only interviewed the company in detail about Bitcoin in the October issue of Kryptokompass. VanEck likes to compare BTC to gold and is working hard to create more Bitcoin institutional products.

With the new investment product VanEck Vectors Bitcoin ETN, the asset manager now wants to enable institutional investors and also private investors in Germany to participate in BTC’s price development without having to buy BTC directly. All this will be processed via Xetra, the electronic trading platform of Deutsche Börse.

VanEck likes to compare Bitcoin with gold
VanEck has now issued a press release in which it comments on its new product. The asset manager’s statements give Bitcoin enthusiasts an optimistic view of the future of the world’s largest crypto currency.

Due to its low correlation to other asset classes, Bitcoin represents a very good opportunity to diversify a portfolio. We like to compare BTC with gold and often refer to it as digital gold.

In addition, VanEck believes that BTC has become a serious asset in the financial world in recent years. As Bitcoin continues to establish itself in institutional circles, it seems only a matter of time before a BTC-ETF is introduced.