Customer opinion about Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin was the first digital currency to take the world by storm, with some people becoming first-time millionaires during Bitcoin’s price surge in 2017. Since then, many traders have become interested in trading cryptocurrencies and have been looking for ways to make money with them.
However, trading digital currencies requires technical and analytical skills, as well as a lot of experience to be successful in the long run. It also takes a lot of time to understand the practical basics that ultimately lead to successful trading. Because of this, trading bots have become very helpful tools for traders.
Many satisfied customer reviews show that the bot from Bitcoin Revolution works reliably and safely and many traders already agree with this. In our test, we were able to make the same experiences and can agree with this. In this article ( they have tested the functionality of Bitcoin Revolution and summarised it for you.

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What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated and free trading software that specialises in trading cryptocurrencies. It helps both beginners and advanced traders to maximise their profits and make a good return. This works by linking the trader to exchanges and using specific market indicators to determine the future performance of a particular cryptocurrency.
According to Bitcoin Revolution, the bot is always a few milliseconds ahead of the current market situation. The bot can exploit this advantage for its investors and thereby make a profit.

Features & Functionality

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Which team is behind Bitcoin Revolution?

The developers of the software are not known, this of course has no influence on the performance and quality of the software. This is because it uses state-of-the-art algorithms to place automatic trades for its clients. All brokers working with Bitcoin Revolution are regulated and enjoy a good rating. They offer competent and quick assistance when needed.

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Customer opinion about Bitcoin Revolution

I never dreamed I would ever make this much money. I worked in an office as a clerk for around two decades. Thanks to Bitcoin Revolution, I have earned more in the last two years than I earned in my office job in the last twenty years. Thanks to Bitcoin Revolution, I now have fewer worries and enjoy my financial freedom. I finally have time for all the things I’ve always wanted to do.

All advantages and disadvantages at a glance


*) Completely free: There are no hidden fees, Bitcoin Revolution does not charge any transaction fees.
*) Serious service: Bitcoin Revolution has already received several awards from traders and is considered one of the best automated trading platforms for crypto trading.
*) No previous knowledge required: The bot works with an algorithm and executes the trade fully automatically for its investors.
*) Demo account: With the demo account, traders can test all functions on Bitcoin Revolution.


The choice of broker is limited, investors do not choose a broker themselves as the bot does this automatically. However, all of them are regulated and operate reputably.

The conclusion on Bitcoin Revolution

In our test, we were able to determine that Bitcoin Revolution offers a very reputable and honest service for investors.
Trading cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more demanding and there are more and more factors involved. The market is becoming more and more volatile as more and more investors are flocking to this market. Therefore, serious investors should opt for a trading bot like this one to help them trade. The Bitcoin Revolution bot has been able to grow with the industry, having been on the market almost as long as Bitcoin itself. Try Bitcoin Revolution today and sign up via the web browser, or download the mobile app on your device.

Bitcoin Revolution compared to other providers

Bitcoin Revolution offers a unique service to customers in some of its features. The software was rated better than those of other bots and therefore we can recommend Bitcoin Revolution!